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Futsal demands quickness, vision and excellent ball skills from the player. There is no better way than Futsal to develop and improve these qualities in a youth player. This training focuses on developing superior ball skills, control and field awareness. If you are in the Mt. Pleasant/Charleston SC area, come to the Mt. PLEASANT FUTSAL ACADEMY (3400 Tutgot Lane, Mt. Pleasant) and try a Futsal session. More info at www.mtpleasantfutsal.com



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Private training is the best way to accelerate becoming a great player whether it is to supplement a player’s team training or to help him excel in a more demanding soccer environment. Every session is structured according to a player’s strengths, weaknesses, and developmental needs.The benefit of private training is being able to focus on an individual player that is not possible in a team setting.


Speed and agility training are key components for improving upon an athlete’s performance. Without this kind of training, athletes are more prone to injury and often get stuck at a mediocre level of performance simply because their bodies have not been trained to move beyond that level.